Psalm 23 — A Paraphrase

The Lord is ineffable, I shall never presume to comprehend Her at all.

He shows me Unfathomable Shining Mysteries. In every moment for all time She sings Her Great Omni-Fecund Silence — and all that Is springs anew, transformed and renewed again and again, eternally.

I have no soul apart from Him.

She leads me, and all of humanity, in our lurching, staggering first baby steps toward the Greatness for which He created us in Her image.

Yea though I be crushed by Fierce Graces1)Tragedies that turn out to [spiritually] benefit us in the long run. See the movie of the same name. beyond enduring, I know that His Love will ultimately triumph in ways I may not live to see. Her chastening, and His embrace—they both sustain me through each day.

In my Darkest Night, You are the dim, sputtering candlelight that nevertheless never fails. You anoint my broken heart with Your Own tears. My puny cup and I are simply lost, carried away by the mighty currents of Your Great Ocean.

Surely Love, Awe and Forgiveness shall enfold me all the days of my fleeting life, and I bow down with gratitude beyond expressing to have been even a forgotten whimsy in the Heart of God forever.

~~ William

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1. Tragedies that turn out to [spiritually] benefit us in the long run. See the movie of the same name.

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