New Piece: “Metamorphosis”

A question I’ve been asking myself is: “what would ‘musical sacred geometry’ be like? “Sacred Geometry” includes the idea that sacred spaces such as cathedrals are built on very deliberate geometric ratios, and are geometrically/arithmetically informed generally. (See ). A parallel idea is the Islamic prohibition on human images in mosques: “the creation of

Alchemical Transformation: 4. Fulfillment (‘Rubedo’)

With ‘Rubedo’ we pull together the Darkness, the Winnowing, and the Surprise of the first three steps and put them together into a completed Wholeness. When talking about Spirituality, we’re talking about things that are literally Not Of This (Physical) World. Thus, in order to talk about them at all, we have to rely on

Alchemical Transformation: 3. Surprise (‘Citrinitas’)

The last two weeks we’ve discussed the transformation of lead into gold in Medieval Alchemy, including the metaphorical transformation of the human heart from its default ‘leaden’ state into the ‘gold’ of Enlightenment or Oneness with God. Commonly this was described as taking place in four steps. The first step is ‘Nigredo’ — darkness. One