Article: “Organum and Persona”, Pesic

The article Organum and Persona, Peter Pesic, argues that the development of polyphony (starting in the 9th century) had a basis in the deepening of the Christian idea of the Trinty — multiple ‘persons’ yet one unity, likewise in polyphonic music multiple voices yet one coherent piece. The article considers ancient thought and musical examples as far back as Plato and Euripedes, and focuses on the 6th century Christian thinker Boethius whose book on music theory De institutione musica deeply informed Western music until fairly modern times. The article also focuses on the parallels (synchronicities?) of an intellectual environment that could simultaneously give rise to the flowering of polyphony with Léonin (12th century) and Pérotin (d.1238?) and their so called Notre Dame school of music, and the thought of Thomas Aquinas (1225-1274) who was largely based in Paris.

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