1556: Zentralbibliothek Zürich, Ms P 2177. (Click here.) 24 x 18 cm (9.5 x 7 in), German.

1607: Universitätsbibliothek Salzburg M I 92. (Click here.) 190 x 160 mm (7.5 x 6 in), Latin.


1678: Musaeum Hermeticum, a compendium of alchemical texts first published in German, in Frankfurt, 1625 by Lucas Jennis (click here). The 1625 edition did not include the Book of Lambspring. Additional material was added for the 1678 Latin edition (including the Book of Lambspring), reprinted in 1749 (click here). 22cm H (8.5 in)

1892: Hermetic Museum A.E.Waite combines his own translation of the Latin into English with the images from Lucas Jennis' 1678 Museaum Hermeticum. (Click here.)


1. Two Fish

2. A Black Beast in the Forest

3. A Deer and a Unicorn

4. Two Lions

5. A Wolf and a Dog

6. A Venomous Dragon

7. Two Birds in the Forest

8. Two Birds Great and Strong

9. The Lord of the Forests

10. A Salamander Lives in the Fire

11. Father and Son

12. Another Mountain of India

13. The Father Devours the Son

14. The Father Sweats Profusely

15. Father and Son are Joined