Musical Mandalas

In the following blogs I discussed the elements of ‘Musical Mandalas’:

  • In the blog “Row, Row, Row your Boat” I discussed musical “canons” (rounds). I noted that canons have a circular character, repeating over and over as they do. I also noted that the word ‘mandala’ means ‘circle’ in Sanskrit.
  • In the blog “All the Scales” I introduced the essentially unexplored realm of Western ‘musical modes’ (of which the Mytitonic mode is one example). A musical ‘mode’ is essentially a scale (like “DO, RE, MI…”) upon which a piece of music is based. Limiting ourselves to the Western piano keyboard, and steps no larger than a major third, there are 1490 possible modes.
  • In the blog “Labyrinths” I shared some thoughts on labyrinths and mazes. Labyrinths appear in the decorated scores of the Musical Mandalas.

All recordings of Musical Mandalas use glass armonica plus other instruments (like clarinet, cello, harp). In the mp3s for each Musical Mandala the piano first states the mode (playing up then down once), then solo glass armonica begins the Musical Mandala itself.