Music of the Spheres


Music of the Spheres (for glass armonica and harp) passionately and mystically follows the ancient imagination of the “soul’s journey” from Earth to the Great Beyond.

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Music of the Spheres (for glass armonica and harp) is inspired by an ancient musical concept of the Universe. The journey begins at Earth, and travels through the planets to the Great Beyond. Passionate and mystical, this album revels in the wonders of the Cosmos. Music of the Spheres incorporates a year of William’s research into ancient musical symbolism, and portrays the soul’s journey from Earth into the realm of God.

Track List

1. Earth, the Realm of LifeSample
2. The Moon, the Sphere of IntuitionSample
3. Mercury, the Sphere of the MindSample
4. Venus, the Sphere of LoveSample
5. The Sun, the Sphere of WillSample
6. Mars, the Sphere of the WarriorSample
7. Jupiter, the Sphere of AspirationsSample
8. Saturn, the Sphere of WisdomSample
9. The Fixed Stars, the Frontier to the BeyondSample
10. Primum Mobile, the Prime Mover of the SpheresSample
11. Empyrean, the Sphere of GodSample
12. Centrum, the Still Point at the Center of the SpheresSample