The Knight’s Murderous Rage

Once upon a time there was a knight on a Quest, who heard of a wise Sage living high up in the mountains. So after a long and arduous search the knight found the Sage’s remote cabin. The Sage welcomed him, and the knight sat at his feet.

“Wise one,” the knight asked, “please tell me of Heaven and Hell.”

“WHAT?” said the Sage. “You’re just a useless soldier who can’t think for himself but can only follow the foolish orders of others. Why would I waste my breath on a good-for-nothing simpleton like yourself?”

The knight leapt to his feet, drawing his sword in a murderous rage, about to strike down the Sage where he sat.

“THIS, my friend, is Hell,” said the Sage quietly.

The knight, taken aback and not a little embarrassed at how easily he had been provoked, sheathed his sword and sat once again at the Sage’s feet. The knight sat calmly and peacefully, waiting patiently for what the Sage would say next.

The Sage, placing his hand gently on the knight’s shoulder, leaned over to him and whispered: “And THIS, my son, is Heaven.”

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